Mains frequency

These are used for melting of metal however recently the secondary supply of specified voltage is directly fed to the induction furnace coil.

Medium frequency

The secondary is fed to a rectifier inverter combo which increase the frequency to medium frequency at designe d voltages which then is fed to the furnace. We make all desired types including special ones like the 12 pulse, 24 pulse versions. The various combination are :

  • Single transformers with 2 LVs (star & delta)
  • Two transformers in one tank to give 12 pulse output
  • Four transformers in one tank to give 24 pulse output.


Voltage : 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33KV
KVA : 250 KVA to 16000 KVA
Inverter output - 6 pulse, 12 pulse and 24 pulse.